Making da sauce!


Hi there! I hope you are enjoying the recipe site. The entire thing is a labor of love and a tribute to my grandma Anna Copozzi Salerno and being privileged enough to have grown up in an Italian household with all the Italian traditions! All the love and laughter that was shared at the table and in the kitchen is a treasure! I do not want to see that lost, so this site is also an effort to keep the Italian family tradition going on into the next generations. I have written a bit more about who I am and this website on the About Me page if you want to read more.

I really do enjoy receiving emails from my visitors, especially those that like to reminisce about the family, the food, the old days and growing up with amazing Italian food and good times! I look forward to hearing from you.




3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. This is a holiday tradition in our home. I was happy to see others enjoying it as much as we. Our Grandson is eager to carry on the tradition.


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