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Sausage Bread Recipe

Sausage Bread Recipe
(This is my favorite Italian Appetizer!)
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Prep time: 30 min. for the filling. (4 -5 hrs. for the frozen bread dough to rise)
Cook time: 40 - 50 min.
Temp: 350 degrees F
Yield: Approx. 10 - 12 servings

Stuff you will need to make
Anthony's Sausage Bread Recipe:

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2 lbs. of ground Italian sausage
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2 medium sized green bell peppers
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2 loves of frozen bread dough (Or make your own dough from scratch as I note below)
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2 slices of Bacon
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Important note about making your own bread dough from scratch: If you have the time to put in a little bit more effort for this recipe, I highly recommend you make this Italian Sausage Bread with my homemade Italian Bread dough. You can go through all the steps I spell out for making Italian bread accept when you get to the part of forming the dough balls for your Italian bread loaves. At that step you will be adding the filling as I mentioned in this recipe and will cook the same as I spell out in the Italian Bread recipe. The difference is the third rising mentioned in the Italian Bread recipe will be with the filling inside. I hope that makes sense? I will try to get a video of this when I get some time. If you are going to make this recipe with the frozen dough, ignore this entire paragraph ;-)

~ See below for VERY detailed recipe instructions...
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Anthony's Sausage Bread


You will want to start to let your dough rise. To keep this simple and easy, I just get frozen bread dough all ready to go, just needs to rise. I get mine at Super Wal-Mart. So because there is bread involved, you will have to plan ahead for this recipe to allow the bread dough to rise for about 4-5 hours. You need a nice quiet, moist happy place for the bread to rise. Warm and moist is a very happy place for dough to rise. In my case, I usually let it sit on top of my TV wall unit. No special reason really, other than my dog can't get to it. The cat can, but he's just not interested, can't be bothered. You can see on the right here that the bread is in the process of rising.. ooohhh, exciting! :-) It's best not to watch the process in action. I like to set it up for rising very early in the morning so I can start cooking in the afternoon.

To start the dough rising. You remove the frozen dough and place it on a greased cookie sheet and cover with a kitchen towel. I like to spray the cookie sheet and towel with oil first so it won't stick later. Try to find a warm moist place to let the dough rise. In the winter this can be hard to find. So if all you have is a cold dry place, you can do the following to get a warm moist place. In this case you will put you frozen bread dough on a greased microwavable platter and cover with kitchen towel. Boil a cup of water in the microwave, then quickly remove the cup of water and put in your dough. Let it sit in there for about 4-5 hours. No peeking, just let it sit.

After the dough has risen, you will now need to work the dough into long rectangular pieces to make your loaves. Throw some flour on your "clean" counter. Then work the dough with your hands. You don't need to knead the dough, you just want to start spreading it out with you hands. You may have to sprinkle a little bit of flour on the dough while you are working with it. This is OK, but not too much. You will have to work with it a bit, push, pull, spread, smack, whatever it takes. You will get to a point when you will need to switch to a rolling pin to finish off the process. Be careful not to spread the dough to thin, you need some thickness to handle the meat filling. You can see what I mean in the step by step photos. I usually end up cutting a regular sized frozen bread loaf in half to make two sausage bread loaves.

After the dough has been prepared and is ready for filling, you will now need to make the Italian sausage and pepper filling. First, take a the two slices of bacon and cut them up into small bits with some scissors. About 1/4" pieces if you can. Fry up the bacon in the pan until you get a lot of nice bacon grease. Now add the ground Italian sausage and continue to fry. (If you can't find ground Italian sausage then you can get regular linked Italian sausage and remove the guts from the skin and use that.) Cut up 2-3 medium sized green peppers and throw them in with your sausage half-way through browning. Brown until the sausage gets a nice dark brown look and the peppers are well sauteed into the mix. When done, drain out all the grease, then place the meat and peppers onto a plate that has several paper towels on it to further drain the meat. Let this sit long enough to cool.

This would be a good time to preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

After the meat and pepper filling has cooled, you will now put this on top of the dough. Spread out the filling onto the dough while leaving enough room on the sides to wrap the dough around the filling. Make sure you seal all the side up well so the meat is well sealed. Then with a fork, poke a bunch of holes on the top of the loaf to allow for steam venting during baking.

Beat a couple of eggs into a bowl and use this as a glaze Brush a "little bit" of egg over the loaves. This will help you get a nice golden brown look to the bread. Now, place the loaves in your preheated oven and cook for 40 - 50 minutes. You will need to keep an eye on it. As my Mom says, "You know, just cook it until it's done, HA!"

When done baking, let the loaves cool on a cookie cooling rack. For presentation, I like to slice up the loaves into small pieces and then place them on a platter like you see below. This way they are nice and easy to grab and eat. This makes a great appetizer!

That's it! You're done..... Easy as Pie!

How To Make Sausage Bread Video
(Instructional video for Italian Sausage Bread - This shows how I make the sausage bread when I make the dough by hand)

Sausage Bread Recipe Photo Gallery

Here are some blow up photos of the Italian Sausage bread ready to eat! mangiare! This is good eating!

Sausage Bread
Sausage Bread
Sausage Bread

My family spent Christmas one year in San Antonio, TX. Had a great time visiting family! This year I decided to make the sausage bread using my homemade Italian bread dough and it came out just wonderful! You will notice in the two platters of sausage bread I have shown below that I have some homemade bread and some sausage bread. What I did was make two loaves of sausage bread and two loaves of just Italian bread. It was a feast!

Sausage Bread

Sausage Bread

I have placed three photos below showing how I add the filling to the dough. You want to have multiple layers of sausage filling with dough between. If you look closely, the first photo is my first layer of filling. The next two photo are showing how I add the second layer of filling. You can see how I already folded some dough over the first layer of sausage filling and now I am adding more on top of that.

Making Sausage Bread

Sausage Bread


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