Anthony’s List Of Amazing Food Blogs

A gateway to people that are passionate about food and willing to share the love!

I have made this discovery. There are more and more Food Blogs and Recipe Forums popping up that are so incredibly useful that I had to create a page dedicated to the ones I have personally found useful, helpful and full of friendly people who are passionate about food and are willing to share what they know just because they love food! Enjoy these sites!

Amazing Food Blogs

This is my new favorite!…..

Linda’s Italian Table
Linda was raised in an Italian kitchen. She offers recipes, cooking classes and has a cookbook. There are some truly amazing authentic Italian recipes on this blog! The Naughty Monk looks amazing. Going to have to try that one out! 🙂

101 Cookbooks
Healthy Recipes: 101 Cookbooks: Recipes, Cookbooks, and Culinary Adventures. This is an amazing blog created by Heidi. It’s basically a recipe journal. It’s where she writes about the recipes that intersect her life, travels, and everyday interests. Often the recipes are from her cookbook collection, sometimes not – they might come from a friend, or I might write about a recipe she created herself. Bottom line is, there are some amazing recipes on this blog! Check it out! So far, the Biscotti al Pistacchio is my favorite! YUM! Well, OK, this one is look fantastic as well: Golden Tomato Sauce Recipe!

An Italian Cooking in the Midwest
Another great Italian food blog. Some yummy recipes to be found here. First one I’m going to check out is the Home Made Ricotta!

Big Mamma’s Italian American Cooking
A collection of recipes from Teresa Lapetina Greco (Big Mamma), her daughter Elizabeth Greco Noviello (Mamaw), her grand daughter Marie Noviello Casazza and her great grand daughter-in-law…..Lee Casazza. She has a cookbook is now available in a hard cover and in Kindle on Amazon. Check out her book: Big Mamma’s Italian-American Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Recipes from Our Family.

Bleeding Espresso
This blog is from a lady who moved to Italy and is sharing some nice recipes on her blog! Check out this Figs page!

Eat At Home (Everyday Food For Busy People)
I like this food blog. This is by a mother of four who enjoys cooking fro her family. I like that a LOT! 🙂 Great recipes here! The Stromboli looks quite lovely!

Coco de Mamma – Mama’s recipes imported from Italy
This is a wonderful Italian food blog created and by Francesco Romano who was born in Italy and have been living in America for 25 years. I love this blog because Fransesco talks his Grandmother Nonna Sara and my Mama Francesca and what wonderful chefs they were and how that is something you an take for granted! I can relate to this very much. Spending a lot of time with me grandma Salerno who was an amazing cook and learning how to pour a lot fo love into the cooking! I love the look and feel of the blog. Wodbnerfully designed and some great recipes! Some of my favorite recipes on the site: Eggplant Cannelloni, Ciabatta Bread and the Maritozzi. WOW!

Cooking Italian Comfort Food
There are some great Italian classic recipes on this blog! My favorite so far is the Fettucine with Pink Lobster Sauce! YUM!So many classics!

Cooking Recipes From A Nonna’s Kitchen
Great recipe from a woman who has discovered that she herself is now a Nonna! 🙂 Some really awesome recipes on this blog! Check it out! This one looks amazing!!!! Cannelloni filled with Broccoli and Ricotta. Oh man… and this one here!!! Chicche Della Nonna with Fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce YUM!!!!!

Food Blogga
This is an awesome recipe blog from Susan in San Diego who has written cookbooks and is a regular contributor NPR. The recipes on this site look just fabulous, concise and to the point! There is quite a wide variety of recipe to choose from on this blog and it’s always fresh and up-to-date. Check out this amazing drink recipe out. Sparkling Rosemary-Ginger Lemonade… YUM!!!

This blog is truly a delight! There are some very special recipes on here! Some unique twists on some old Italian recipe classics! I highly recommend it! I like what Foodessa (Claudia) says in her profile: FOOD is always in my thoughts and conversations! – “My culinary motto: “Food should be… visually pleasing… tasty… delicious… memorable!”. I just love that! Looking through the recipes on this blog take me back to my childhood growing up in an Italian-American home. Many great classics on this blog! Check out some of these yummy treats! MUSSELS fennel Sambuca ROQUEFORT! This one is amazing! Sambuca and Fennel together with Mussels? OMG… Genius!!! RICOTTA cheese CHOCOLATE RUM cake, ma great twist on this Italian classic with adding the Rum! And check out this amazing desert!!!! PEACH berry Grand Marnier cake – PEACHES invited blueberries and Grand Marnier… wOw! Some good stuff here!

Good Life (Eats)
Learning in the kitchen, eating, trying new recipes, and sharing them with friends and loved ones, that is what this blog is about! Warning, you will get hungry if you continue… For example, check out the Lemon Blueberry Panna Cotta. WOW!!!!! This is so fantastic! I just love Blueberries!

Grublog (A Daily Digest)
Some really nice recipe on this site!!!! This one looks awesome! Spaghetti with prosciutto and artichoke, oh Mamma Mia! that sounds good!

Inside The Rustic Kitchen
A lovely Italian food blog from a women who is obsessed with Italy, lives in Italy and shares some great recipes! Check it out! The Sausage Stuffing Balls look awesome!

Living The Gourmet
This amazing blog is driven by Catherine Cappiello Pappas and she has a passion for spending time in the kitchen and offers some really amazing recipes. Lots to choose from on this blog as well. She understands the important of cooking and enjoying good food. The fact that it’s more then just cooking! It’s about building memories and sharing laughter and love in the kitchen and at the table. She understands the importance of family tradition. She started the blog with intention of passing down her recipes to my children. That is the exact intent of my own website so she is a lady after my own heart. Check out her blog and get cooking! Check out her recipe for Ricotta Roll-ups!. YUM!

Making Sunday Sauce
This blog was created by a guy (Andrew Scrivani) as an homage to the life of his great-grandmother Ercelia (Sadie) Milo. His fascination with food began as a toddler in her kitchen and her lessons have served him well in his career in food; as a cook, a food stylist and primarily a food photographer and writer. A man after my own heart! Check out this blog. The photos he takes of food are just glorious!

Mary Ann Esposito’s Ciao Italia
(Mary Ann’s online home for thoughts about food, recipes, trends, and traditions.)
This is a blog created by Mary Ann Esposito, Host/Creator, PBS’ Ciao Italia! Mary Ann is the creator and host of the nationally televised PBS series, Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito™. This year, the series celebrates its milestone 20th season, making it the longest running cooking series on television. She has also written several cookbooks. We are lucky enough to have her writing a nice blog for us, packed full of wonderful recipes and articles about Italian cooking. A great place to visit! Check it! My favorite recipe thus far on the blog is this one here: Making and Eating Authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Oh my goodness!!! YUM!!!

Mangiandobene – Eating Well Matters
Shawnna and Davide share a passion for traveling and Italian food. With this blog they celebrate everything that is passion, tradition, and culture about Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis, of course, on Italian food. There are some very nice recipes on this blog! My favorite so far is Pasta al Forno. YUM!!! Also the Clams and mussels in tomato broth! Fabulous!

Memorie di Angelina – Italian Home Cooking Made Easy
This is a blog after my own heart! Frank dedicates his blog to the wonderful home cooking of his Italian grandmother! You have to love that! There are some truley amazing recipes on this blog! Check out the Gnocchi al gorgonzola recipe! WOW!!! …and Pesto genovese (Genoese Basil Sauce) many amazing authentic Italian dishes here. Just wonderful! Check out the Struffoli! Momma Mia! I remember these! We also used to make pizza freet! How can you go wong with fried dough. What a treat!

My Italian Grandmother
Some really nice old school Italian dishes on this site. Just lovely! Check out he Chicken Marsala with Ravioli ….YUM!!! YUM!!! ..and yes! There is a Meatballs and Sauce recipe on there as well 🙂

Pasta Recipes Made Easy!
Pasta Recipes Made Easy, Delicious Italian Pasta, Step by Step Recipe Instructions, FREE Recipe Book and more! This site has some really great pasta recipes. Great step by step videos as well! Matt brings you right inside his kitchen and walks you through the process of making some Italian classics! Matt has some great step by step cooking videos on making fresh homemade pasta which I quite enjoyed. He makes his exactly how I make mine!

Proud Italian Cook (Home Cooking Italian American Style)
This is a blog created by a wife, mother, Gramma, mother-in-law, and self proclaimed “Foodie” who especially loves Italian foods! How can I not love this blog!! 🙂 This blog has been around since 2007 and there are some really incredible Italian dishes on this site. Some real classic Italian-American meals that I remember from growing up. Great Stuff! My favorite recipe on this blog so far??? Cucidati! (Italian Fig Cookies) OMG!!!! YUM and double YUM!!!!! OK, this Italian Fig cookie is so special I have to dive a little bit more into this.

Check out this Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies) and this Sicilian Cucidati! YUM!! I have placed below two VERY special videos about this lovely cookie! Sit back and enjoy!!!

Holiday Cooking: Sicilian Fig Cookies – Part I

Holiday Cooking: Sicilian Fig Cookies – Part 2

..OK, back to the links 🙂

Simply Recipes
Simply Recipes is a blog created and maintained by Elise Bauer. Unlike most of the large recipe sites that you might find on the Internet with tens of thousands of recipes, Simply Recipes is a blog with only a few hundred recipes, all tested by Elise, her family or her friends. There is a very nice personal touch on this blog and a very nice variety of recipes to dig through and enjoy!

The Hungry Mouse
A visual guide to food & cooking. Tasty, fresh content from Jessie’s kitchen. I love this one because there are a lot of good photos of the cooking process. Really a beautiful site! Really shows off the beauty of food and some really unique recipes on this blog!

The Italian Dish
This is a wonderful blog created by Elaine McCardel. She bascially vreated the blog to teach people hoiw to cook and she has done a great job. It’s a lovely Italian food blog taht I highly recommend. My favorite recipe on the blog is the Sicilian Caponata. Check it out! The Beet Pasta Ravioli with Goat Cheese, Hazelnuts and Chives also looks quite amazing!

Una Mamma Italiana
Tiffany is an Italian-American mother of four who is simply trying to carry on the same Italian traditions that she grew up with. She writes a monthly column for La Voce Italian-American Newspaper titled, “Mamma Mia!” You can also find her column “Una Mamma Italiana” on I love what Tiffany says here on her blog: “With the passing of each generation, we lose a little bit of the tradition. It is up to our generation to celebrate being Italian in simple, everyday ways that will always remain with our children.” Truly a women after my own heart! There are some wonderful recipes to be found on this blog! I love the Easy Vanilla Pizelle’s! YUM!!! I LOVE PIZELLE’S!!!  Takes me back just seeing the flower shape on the cookie 🙂 I love the family photos she has on the site and love the photos of the kids cooking the best!

What’s Cookin’ Italian Style Cuisine
This is an awesome food blog created by Claudia who obviously has a passion for Italian Cooking! I love what she says here: “love for cooking Italian foods and eating starting at 11 years of age in the kitchen, with grandma and mom. The blog was created to leave behind for her two sons and their future families the traditions she grew up with” Wow! I can so relate to this. It’s the very same reason I created SpaghettiSauceAndMeatballs.Com. Check out this blog, you will be glad you did. There are some recipes on here that are just a treasure! So glad Claudia is sharing them with us! My favorite so far on this blog is the Pizza Fritta! YUM! My grandmother and Mom used to make this all the time! Wonderful stuff! Just wonderful!!! OMG! The pasta hats! She even has the pasta hats on there.. wow!!! Italian Homemade Orecchiette (Hats) Recipe! My grandma Salerno made those all the time! OK, I have to stop typing so I can spend more time on her blog!! 🙂

Recipe Forums

Chowhound Community
One of The best food discussion sites mout there! Read regional and international restaurant reviews, ask recipe questions and get answers about cooking techniques, find recipe advice and much more!

Jamie Olivers Forums – I visit this one a LOT!
Jamie Oliver – Official site for recipes, books, tv and restaurants. On this site there is a treasure trove of great recipes, blogs, forums and much more! The link I have placed above will bring you to his main forums page. There you can pick from several categories of forums. Pick one, join and start chatting with some wonderful people that really know food! My favorite is the Recipe Swap forum located here. – Swap your recipes ideas with others, or search for inspiration or finally figure out how to nail down that recipe you have been having problems with! This is a very healthy and active forum!

Recipe Secrets Forum – The secret recipes for your favorite dishes
The Secret Recipe Forum – Free Copycat Recipes – Top Secret Restaurant Recipes. Find any recipe you want on The Secret Recipe Forum for FREE. Instantly search thousands of delicious recipes or make a recipe request. Their friendly members are eager to help you!

Recipe Talk Member Forums | Food Recipes
Member forums and open discussions about cooking, food, recipes. Looking for a long lost recipe, post a request and our members will do their best to help.

Taste Of Home Cooking Forums
Ask questions…give answers…swap recipes…or just chat in one of the many community forums or group forums they have to offer. This is a very active cooking forum! Presently 739,843 users have contributed to 1,381,533 discussions and 5,006,168 posts. I like their recipes forum the best.

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