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Italian Bowtie Cookie Recipe
Anthony's Italian Bow Tie Cookie Recipe Photos with Commentary
(Step by step photos of the cooking process for this recipe with commentary!) Read the complete Bowtie cookie recipe

These are an amazing treat that has been a favorite since childhood. These special Italian cookies (which are really a sweat pastry) would only come out during Christmas time. I have placed some step by step photo to help you through the process. Enjoy!

OK, here we go. You see here all the stuff you need to make these wonderful Bow Tie Cookies. The one thing missing here is the chopping block I like to use when kneading the pasta.
Start off with adding flour to a large bowl.
Then add some eggs. This is a mixture of whole eggs and egg yokes mixed together.
Then add some powdered sugar which is also called Confectioners sugar and 10-x powdered pure cane sugar.
Then add some Rum. I like to use Bacardi 151 Rum. You can also use Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum if you like.
Now mix it all together with a fork.
Keep mixing....
Keep mixing....
Keep mixing....
Now put some flour on a chopping block and get ready to mix some more.
Dump out your pasta mix onto the chopping block.
No start to mix by hand...
After you have it mixed well and it starts to feel like a dough, it's time to start kneading.
Now start kneading using the standard kneading of fold, push, turn... fold, push, turn... Etc...
You will be kneading the pasta dough for about 10 minutes.
Keep kneading the dough...
Keep kneading the dough...
You keep kneading for about 10 minutes. What you are shooting for is a nice elastic consistency. You should be able to poke the dough with you finger and it should spring back.
After you are done kneading the dough. Form it into a nice Pasta Dough ball like you see here.
Now is a good time to start heating up your oil to 350 degrees F. I recommend using a shallow electric skillet like you see here instead of a fry daddy or something that deep dries.
You will need a good pasta machine at this point to help you get paper thing pasta strips that you will need to make the Bow Ties.
Divide the dough ball into quarters and work with a quarter at a time. With a rolling pin, roll out the dough until it is about 1/8" thick.
You should end up with a pasta dough like you see here that is about 1/8" think of less.
With a pizza cutter, cut the dough into strips about 3" wide by 10" or longer. You will use this to run through the pasta machine.
Now cut your strips into pieces that are about 3" wide and 7" long. This does not have to be exact. You just want to have a good size that fits in the pasta machine with a lot of room left over.
Set your pasta machine to setting 3 and slowly run it through the pasta machine using the flat rollers that you usually use to make lasagna noodles with.
The original piece you cur will get wider, longer and thinner as you can see here.
Now set your pasta machine to setting 2 and run it through again. It will get wider, longer and thinner again.
This is the perfect thinness to start making your bow ties with.
.Here, my wife and I are going through the process again. Preparing a bunch of thin past dough strips to work with so we can mass produce the bow ties.
I don't have it shown here, but when you have the dough paper thin after running it through the pasta machine twice. You will cut the pasta dough into small strips that are about 7" long and 1/2" wide. You will use those small strip to tie your bow ties. My wife Cindy is demonstrating here.
Here I am trying to tie them as delicately as she did. My first two Neanderthal efforts failed miserably because i was breaking the pasta. Gently tie the bow ties. You have to be delicate. Your not really ties, you are carefully looping and pushing through. You'll get the hang of it. Just don't man handle it like it's cowboy rope or something!
Once you get the hang of gently tying your bow tie pasta, you should start to get a bunch ready to go like you can see here.
Make sure your oil is at 350 degrees F. Now you are ready to test. Drop one bow tie in and see how it goes. It's should sink at first and then pope up to the surface rather quickly. They only take about 1 to 2 minutes to cook. You want to cook them until they are golden brown. I usually flip the around a couple of times before I take them out.
OK, no gently place a bunch in there and start frying!
Use a large spoon to flip them around while frying.
Here is a nice close up of the bowties shortly after I place them in the oil. You can see they have risen to the top. I am attempting to flip this one over.
After about 1 or 2 minutes or until they are golden brown, I take them out of the oil with a slotted spoon. Let the oil drain through the spoon a bit and then place them on a paper towel that is on top of a paper plate to drain.
Now is a great time to make some more paper thin past and kiss the wife :-) Cooking really is a fun thing to do together with the ones you love. Makes a great date!
We are going through the process again of getting the pasta dough paper thing by running through the pasta machine two times. You will start spreading out the pasta dough strips as you go so you have a lot of dough to work with to make your bow ties..
This is a perfect example of the size of dough your shooting for before your first run through the pasta machine.
Here we are with our first run through at setting 3.
This is still the first run through...
Still on the first run thorough. After the dough has been sitting for a while it will tend to dry out a bit and you will get the rough edges like you see here. To prevent that put a little bit of olive oil on a paper towel and rub the pasta that's been sitting around so it does not dry out. But don't use a lot.
Be sure to get the whole family involved!!! You might not get the ipod out of their ears but hey, at least they are helping you in the kitchen :-)
Here is a good example of what you will have as you are going through the process. You can see here we have some dough that still needs to go through the pasta machine, we have some paper thin strips ready to tie. We have some bow tie already tied and ready to go and we have a pile of excess leftover dough that we will make into a ball again and roll out to use for more dough.
Auh, all the hard work and here we have the pretty bow ties all ready to be fried. YUMMY!
Just trying to get a better shot of them.
OK, fry 'em up. This is the first minute.
This is the second minute. Can you see that they are golden brown now? Time for them to come out!
Put them on the paper towel to drain and then add more in to fry while these are draining..
Sprinkle on some powdered sugar and snack a little. WoW! So good! They are really good when they are still warm!
OK fry some more. Here is a photo taken right after I dropped in a bunch of bow ties. You can see they have not come up tot he top yet. They sink at first and then quickly rise to the top.
....and now they are at the top a few seconds later. Fry until golden brown and then drain.
Keep frying and draining until you have gone through all of the dough.
When they are finished, I like to put them on a nice large platter for a nice presentation. Sprinkle on the powdered sugar in layer. Place some cookies, add some sugar, place more cookies, add more sugar and so on until you have a nice pile of tasty treats like you see here! A great center piece!
Oh man.. Would you just look at these Bow Tie cookies! We are talking YUMMY here!
Go ahead, grab one... Enjoy!
Finger licking good!
These Italian Bowtie cookies will
just make you smile! :-)


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